We were approached by Sagrada to produce a bespoke floor light reminiscent of the 1950s. 

We undertook research to find which artisanal glass blowers had molds available to match the design intent. This was followed up with many sample pieces to ensure the colour requirement was being achieved together with the shape. Added to this was the creation of a bespoke shade to enhance the floor light .After many drawings and revisions the prototype was manufactured and following approval a roll out for all the bedrooms and suites took place.


However within the 200 rooms there was a requirement for a bespoke triptych mirror in the bathroom. We matched the rooms exquisite sandblasted detailing to each side, with back lit led panels and anti fog glass.


Finally we were required to produce a bespoke bedside pendant with a faceted design to the glass which replicated the detailing on the ceiling and drapes whilst casting a stunning shadow on the headboards. We rose to the challenge.


Working with the designers and factories we are confident that each guestroom has the perfect ambience.