We were delighted to work on this project.

The interior designer gave us a very simple brief.

Create 2 crystal dragons floor to ceiling on either side of the staircase.

From that single sentence we started to work on this mammoth task. Firstly we had to draw up the dragons to show the clients both in CAD and in 3d render .Our design technicians needed to develop a programme which could take the dragon design and produce a layout of the cables and each single piece of crystals location on each cable. Developed at the same time was the floor and ceiling plates. Following initial approval of the design we recruited a structural engineer to guide us through the complexity of the fixing systems required as well as the steel support cable to be used bearing in mind they would need to be 6.5m in height.

The complexity did not stop there , we then had to source in excess of 50000 special facetted crystal which could be drilled through so they could fit vertically onto the cables.

Once the drawings had been approved and all the relevant materials sourced our factory had to expand to accommodate a production of over 7m in length as the cables needed to be kept taut so ensuring the exact location of each crystal to the mm.

We recommended to the client that this sculptural design must be fitted by our team due to its complexity. Happily they agreed.

Everything was then packed and shipped to Knightsbridge where 3 giant crates arrived safely.

Our team then got to work on the painstaking task of fitting each set of strands into the floor and ceiling box , bearing in mind that fitters both at the top and bottom had to work with synchronicity to ensure no strands got tangled.

After a week on site we all breathed a sigh of relief seeing the 2 beautiful dragons in their glory residing on either side of the staircase.

The whole project from conception to completion only took 12 weeks to complete , which I am sure you will agree is a testament to Inspired by design capabilities of producing supersize bespoke lighting that truly enhance any location in the world.

Buddha Bar - Knightsbridge, London
Copyright - Richard Southall/Ilona Zielinska